Exotic insects drawing – how to draw a stick insect

Let us learn how to draw a stick insect. First, see how these exotic insects look.

Were you able to recognize stick insects and not be confused with sticks?

Even though some of their species are really the longest insects in the contemporary world (of course, ancient insects were longer) we dare not to say that they are the largest, for they are very thin, what follows already from their very name. It speaks for itself: most of the stick insects resemble the sticks and twigs. This similarity is not useless: the stick insects which as well as so called leaf insects belong to the range of Phasmatodea are, so to speak, pretending the twigs and, the largest of them, the branches of the trees where they dwell. As you already imagine, not only legs, but even body of this insect is extremely elongated. To complete resemblance they are, as usual, green or brown colored. This fairly common phenomenon is called mimicry. The stick insects are very clumsy, moving solemnly and slowly, and rarely, usually staying still and motionless. If something disturbs the stick insect, it would take a defensive position, and nothing but time, not even death or body injure, would make it move.

But it’s time to start drawing.

How to draw a stick insect – lesson 1

Begin with pencil sketch:

Pencil drawing of a stick insect

Now outline a stick-like body, head,chest and abdomen merge and are almost indistinguishable:

Step by step stick insect drawing

Add six thin cranked legs:

Stick insect drawing

And color it green:

Stick insect picture

Now if you let it walk in the grass, you will newer find your new pet insect.

And we сontinue to learn how to draw the walking stick.

Step by step Stick Insect drawing lesson – 2

Here is the stick insect picture:

Stick insect image

Let us draw a sketch:

Stick insect drawing

You see that not only an abdomen (like in the case of a dragonfly) but even a thorax (chest) is elongated.

Stick insect drawing - step 2

Thin and perhaps not very strong legs of an almost equal length are protruding awkwardly from this chest – it seems that the slightest movement would break them into parts.

Stick insect drawing step by step

It is hard to imagine where the very life of such a creation is placed! But they are really alive, safe and sound under our astonished sight! It is even winged, with the pair of short elytra, which protect long and vulnerable flyable wings.

Stick insect drawing

So our stick insects have all chances to remain alive despite all of their innumerous enemies. But we`ll never do them harm, for they are rare even without that.

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