How to draw a Black Widow Spider realistically

Spiders are not insects and we put them into the same category just because of some external similarities.

Let us learn how to draw the black widow spider hanging on its web.

Black widow is a spider from North America well known for the reason of its strong and dangerous venom. By the way, do not think that its venom always kills all the victims. Healthy men rarely die, but poisoning is terrible. The reason of the name is that female spiders frequently eat males after reproduction. It is understandable that females are much larger than males. Our black widow is female one, hanging on its web.

Black Widow picture

Female black widow belongs to that kind of spiders which are distinguished for a huge rounded abdomen, thin and long hairless legs and little cephalothorax( head and chest at once).

First make a scheme outline:

Spider pencil outline

Spider of that kind, when placed on a plain surface is clumsy, unable to run or rush, but it is very brisk on its web. See the way it carries its legs (each of them consists of three visible segments): while two front pairs are almost straightened, two rear ones are bend. Bended legs are holding the thread of the web. From vibrations of this thread spider gets information that there is something in its web, whether it is the prey or the enemy. From this point the place where the legs of the spider are so to speak attached to the under-parts of head-chest is visible, as well as the mouthparts.

Black Widow step by step

The abdomen of our spider looks droplet with a narrowing on its end.

Black Widow Spider drawing

Adult black widow is colored in black with particular red pattern in a shape of hourglass. Even though black widow is dangerous, we should not kill it, for it is the creature of the nature.

Now you have learned how to draw a Black Widow Spider and you can easily draw it yourself.

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