Learn how to draw a Grasshopper

Let`s learn how to draw a grasshopper. There are two species of big grasshoppers, their representatives are visually similar, but not identical, and lead absolutely different ways of life. For the reason of simplicity we shall call the first type grey grasshopper and another type green grasshopper.

Here are pictures of both species:

Each of this types is a big enough and thick insect with a triangular head, strong wide chest and a fat soft abdomen. Now let`s draw and discuss the structure of grasshoppers at once. Here is the first lesson -how to draw a grey Grasshopper.

The first and the most important step is – drawing pencil sketch. If you are a very experienced professional artist, you can draw without a sketch,but if you are just learning to draw, the sketch must be done.

Pencil sketch of a grasshopper

When the plan of the grasshopper picture is ready, we begin to draw – abdomen and chest:

Abdomen and chest of a grasshopper

Triangular head with large eyes:

tep by step grasshopper drawingS

Add the first pair of legs and fragile and long antennae:

Grasshopper drawing 4

Middle pair similar to front, but the legs are directed backwards. And the rear pair is the modified hind legs. They are long,strong,muscular and strongly curved: Grasshopper drawing 5 Adult grasshoppers possess the two pairs of flyable wings. And so -here is our first grasshopper picture: Grasshopper colored drawing This is a typical grey grasshopper.

Grey grasshopper is larger than green, it dwells amongst the grass and on the ground. Its coloring may vary, including green, grey, brown and black, its eyes are black. Its shell is rather hard.

Now let us turn to the second lessonhow to draw a green grasshopper. Drawing stages will be the same. Click the images to enlarge:
Picture of a grasshopper Grasshopper picture Picture of a Grasshopper

And here such here a picture – green grasshopper:

Grasshopper picture

Green grasshopper lives on the branches of the trees, on the top parts of long separate plants. Green grasshopper is always green, for, as it seems, never touches the ground. This so-called grasshopper is distinguished for ability to sing loudly at night. Only adult male grasshoppers sing to attract females, and adult females which are bit larger than males, got a so-called saber on the rear part of the body. This saber is harmless and serves as an ovipositor. Grasshoppers are omnivorous, and being caught may bite to the blood. So let us not disturb them.

Now you know how to draw a grasshopper -either grey or green,and I wish you success in your drawings.

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