How to draw a death’s head hawk moth tutorial

This is a lesson from the series “How to draw butterflies and moths”.

Let`s learn how to draw a deaths head hawk moth.

Deadhead hawk moth always enjoyed grim fame and was much more popular than other fellow hawk moths. I myself had read Edgar Poe’s Sphinx as a child and I drew butterflies with a skull everywhere.And today I will write a lesson for you how to draw it in stages and, most importantly, realistically.

As a teacher, I also teach my students in the classroom. And there I make pedagogical drawings on the blackboard.

dead's head hawk

But for you, I edited the photos and will show negatives.

Step 1 – general scheme:

How to draw a death's-head hawk moth

Step 2 – draw the 4 wings and denote the body:

death's-head hawk moth drawing lesson

Step 3 –Draw a SKULL!

death's-head hawk moth step by step drawing

Step 4 – It remains for us to add patterns on the wings.

death's-head hawk moth chalk drawing


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