How to draw a Garden Spider

Garden Cross Spider drawing.

Let`s learn how to draw spiders from the cobweb. Simply put, we can distinguish two types of spiders: hunters and spiders from the cobweb. Garden spider is of the latter type. With its large abdomen (females) and thin legs they are weak runners and chasers.

Garden spider, or cross spider is one of the most common spiders in Europe, Russia and North America.

It is big, conspicuous and not dangerous. Garden spider places its cobweb above the ground (amongst the stems of the plants or even branches of the trees), while Karakurt makes it on the ground. Now let`s learn how to draw a Garden Spider step by step.

Cross Spider Drawing – top view

View garden spider from its back and draw schema with a pencil:

Schema of a spider

You see that the abdomen is several times larger than the head-chest(cephalothorax).

Step by step garden spider drawing

And legs are long thin and almost hairless.

Phased drawing of a Spider

From the special prepared top view of cross spider (unlikely you will see it in this very position in natural conditions) construction of the spider is plainly visible.

Spider drawing

Two front pairs of the legs are directed forward and two rear pairs – backwards. It is interesting that the third pair of legs is slightly shorter than the rest. Large abdomen slightly closes the head-chest, so the last rear pair of legs protrudes from under abdomen. Actually all of them are attached to the under-part of the head-chest. Also the so called pedipalps are plainly visible. By the way, as science affirms, pedipalps are also reduced legs. They serve (the name speaks for itself) – for palpation. There are eight eyes on the front top part of the spider`s head-chest. Coloring of cross spider may vary from dirty-white to almost black, with yellow, brown, grey, and sometimes green shades.

Garden Spider drawing

How to draw a garden spiderside view

Here are step by step instructions.Click on pictures to enlarge:
Spider pencil schema Phased Cross Spider drawing Cross Spiderr drawing step by step
Here is the finished drawing of a garden spider:

Garden Cross Spider drawing

Color it correctly:

Cross Spider picture

Now you have learned how to draw a Garden Cross Spider.

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