How to draw a Honeybee step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a HoneyBee.

In fact, I would say – let’s learn how to draw a realistic bee, as in life. Because I work in a school and see how children draw beesonly cartoon images! All sorts of Bee-line painted ovals with wings and smiley faces instead of the head.

And it is time to remember the same truth of life.

According to tradition, today I’ve prepared two lessons – how to draw a honeybee. I hope you will see that in fact bees are remarkable and deserve to honestly draw them.

Bee drawing – lesson 1

Draw a preliminary sketch:

Bee pencil sketch

Bee torso resembles the wasp, but the wasp looks slimmer. The bee has not such a thin waist, and she is covered with dense hairs. Honeybee drawing

The head is large and has big eyes and antennae:
Honey Bee drawing step by step

Although we know that insects always have six legs, we look at this bee from the side and see only three legs of those six. I really want to ask you to take seriously the drawing of the legs of insects. Arthropods have jointed legs and they bend according to certain laws, but not randomly.
Honey Bee legs drawing

Draw the wings. Bees have four wings, but when they are folded back they obstruct each other.

Bee drawing

About coloring of the bees I will say: they are grayish-golden and not so Beeline.

Bee drawing 13

And here is the second promised tutorial – how to draw a honeybee.

Honeybee drawing – 2

Honeybee line sketch Honeybee side view Honeybee drawing step by step

This bee we will paint as humble as they look in life:

Honeybee drawing

I hope that you have enjoyed the lessons and the resulting drawings of bees. And I wish that you will continue with greater love to treat real, live bees than their cartoon images.

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