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How to draw a realistic Mosquito

Let`s learn how to draw a Mosquito. This annoying and even dangerous insects, along with no less annoying fly, belongs to the range of diptera – it means two-winged. Everybody knows a common mosquito for its itching bites and silent but awful noise. . Actually only mosquito females are bloodsuckers, their males feed on nectar.

Learn how to draw a Caterpillar

Have you ever seen caterpillars? Who are they? Are they worms? Or are they snakes? Neither one nor the other, the caterpillar is the larvae of butterflies. And another question – what period of life is more important for these insects: in voracious creeping caterpillar, or in the form of a flying butterfly. Let`s learn

How to draw a Honeybee step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a HoneyBee. In fact, I would say – let’s learn how to draw a realistic bee, as in life. Because I work in a school and see how children draw bees –only cartoon images! All sorts of Bee-line painted ovals with wings and smiley faces instead of the head. And

How to draw a wasp step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a wasp. We all know and are afraid of insects, and not without reason – the wasps sting is very painful. And that the wasps are dangerous, they warn us by their striking coloring – black and yellow stripes. And since this coloring really well helps out, so many other

How to draw a Damselfly tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Damselfly. As you can see, this insect is very similar to a dragonfly. The fact that they are relatives (Odonata). Dragonflies belong to anisoptera, damselflies are zygoptera. But enough of the scientific terms, let’s draw. Draw body, it is much thinner and slimmer than dragonflies. The eyes are huge