How to draw a stag beetle step by step tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Stag Beetle.

I can not say that the stag beetles are beautiful, but the fact that they are amazing, it’s a fact. The females of these insects look quite usual as bugs. But males have jaws ,which turned into huge horns. In order this ornament could be mounted on the head,it is very extended and is similar to the head of a hammer shark.

I must say that the major part of his life (several years) this insect spends in the larval stage eats the wood rot in the wet stumps. Then it pupates and turns into a huge beetle, whose goal is to leave offspring. Beetles drink fermented sweet sap of oaks and fight over the females. The males lock horns and try to overcome the opponent and knock him down. But, enough theory, time to think how to draw a stag beetle. Well, let’s use the photo.

Stag beetle sketch

When the sketch is ready, we turn to drawing.

Draw the elytra:

Stag beetle drawing for kids

Draw the thorax:

Stag beetle step by step drawing lesson

And the wide head:

Stag beetle drawing step by step

Stag beetle has six legs, but we see just three of them on one side.

Phased stag beetle drawing

Now draw antennae, perioral fixtures and luxurious horns:

Stag Beetle drawing

Stag beetles are found mainly on oaks, so let’s color our picture and draw the oak leaves to stag beetle will feel like home.

Stag beetle drawing

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