Learn how to draw a Fly

Let us learn how to draw a fly.

Fly, as well as mosquito, belongs to the detachment of Diptera, what means two-winged. There are no other insects with two wings except for Diptera, the rest of insects are either four-winged or wingless at all.. And even flies and mosquitoes have some kind of second, reduced, pair of wings, which serve to keep the balance. Without this second pair of wings the flight of the fly would be uncontrollable. Flies are the insects with the full circle of transformation, as well as bees, beetles and butterflies and unlike the others. Most of the flies are omnivorous, and so are their eyeless, footless and wormlike larvae. Unlike the bees, which flies slightly resemble, there is no waist between the chest and the abdomen of the fly.

There are many kinds of flies and here is our first lesson – how to draw a housefly.

Step by step Fly drawing – side view

Traditionally, we start with the pencil sketch:

Pencil sketch of a Fly

Housefly is a creature of an average size, short and stout grey with black strips thorax (chest, to which the legs and wings are attached), wide head with red protuberant eyes, long legs and large transparent veined wings.

Fly drawing lesson

Add wings-the large jnes and the small reduced ones:

Fly drawing step by step

Ane insect has six legs, but looking from the side we see only fourof them:

Fly drawing step by step 3

The antennae of flies are very small and inconspicuous,but look at the mouthparts!

Fly picture

An abdomen of the housefly is light, grey and yellow, and sometimes (males) almost transparent. Whole body and legs of the housefly is covered with hair. Female fly is slightly larger and much thicker than male insect.

Fly picture 2

Houseflies are one of the most harmful and annoying insects, so there is no use to apologize them: even if you kill them at every opportunity, they`ll never perish entirely.

But let us continue with the second lesson – how to draw a dung fly.

Fly drawing – top view

Click the images to enlarge:

Fly pencil outline Fly drawing tutorial How to draw a Fly

And here is the drawing of a Dung Fly:

Dung Fly picture 1

Dung flies are very elegant -blue or Golden-green,smooth and shiny , they could be pleasing to the eye,if not for their love to the manure!

Fly picture 13

And now I hope you have learned how to draw a fly!

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