How to draw a butterfly on a flower tutorial

How to draw a butterfly on a flower.

When a butterfly lands somewhere and sits for a while, it either folds the wings like a closed book, or spreads them out completely, or waves them up and down. I must say that the third option is the most natural and spectacular. That’s exactly the kind of butterfly we will learn to draw.

How to draw a butterfly

According to the rules, we need to start drawing from the biggest part. But we deviate from this requirement and start with the logical center – that is, the body of the butterfly.

Sitting butterfly drawing step by step

Let’s draw two right wings – upper and lower:Butterfly wings drawing

Now you need to draw the left wings. They are symmetrical to the two right ones, but the snag is that there is another angle here!

Butterfly outline

Anyway, we drew a butterfly. Now we need to “slip” a flower under it.

Sitting butterfly drawing

For veracity and beauty, draw the veins on the wings of a butterfly. They are also symmetrical and in perspective, although they are the same, they are different. Butterfly sitting on a flower line drawing

Wow! Now we will color it in the brightest colors and it will be an unforgettable picture.

Butterfly on a flower colored drawing

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