How to draw a realistic Mosquito

Let`s learn how to draw a Mosquito.

This annoying and even dangerous insects, along with no less annoying fly, belongs to the range of diptera – it means two-winged. Everybody knows a common mosquito for its itching bites and silent but awful noise. . Actually only mosquito females are bloodsuckers, their males feed on nectar. Nevertheless it would be better if they perish entirely at once, females as well as males. Mosquito larvae live in various waters, from rivers and puddles, but mostly in swamps. That is why there are so many mosquitoes near the water.

Look at our picture of the mosquito. Enlargerd several times, it looks even dreadful.

Mosquito picture 13

But brace yourself because we have to learn how to draw a mosquito. So go ahead – get down to the familiarity with this insect. Let`s first draw a preliminary outline: Pencil drawing of a Mosquito

The body of a mosquito, as each body of an adult insect consists of three parts: head, thorax (chest) and abdomen. The strongest part (but not the longest) is its thorax. The top of this strong, muscled chest (the back, so to say) is rounded, as if the mosquito has bent.
Step by step mosquito

Its soft thin (after bloodsucking – fat and red) abdomen is elongated.

Mosquito phased drawing

Little head with drilling proboscis mouthparts is directed straight down. This head is supplied with two protuberant eyes and two hairy antennae. Mosquito drawing 4

Mosquito`s legs, thin long and hairy, consist of visible segments, they are angularly curved in a particular way. The hardest is the place where they are attached to the under-parts of the thorax. First pair of legs:

Mosquito drawing-adding front legs

Middle pair of legs:

Step by step mosquito drawing 3

Add the hind pair of legs and the wings:

Mosquito picture

Though the mosquito is a fragile and weak creature, our portrait of it is rather menacing. There is nothing amazing – this insect is our enemy, and we have no reason to defend it. So after that you draw it, you may kill it with a light heart.

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