How to draw a Daisy from nature

Today we are going to draw a daisy. We have whole thickets of them near the school. .. Having admired the flowers, I began to choose whom we would draw. I grab the flower I liked, and it came off at the very ground and I had a bare stem with a flower in my hand … like, as it happens with a dandelion. H’m. And I need the whole plant. I rummaged around and somehow managed to isolate a bush with four leaves from a dense thicket of leaves. Okay, let it be a composite flower.

At home, I hid the stem of the flower among the leaves and pretended that it grew like that. Well, I also read Wikipedia and learned that daisies always have single flowers. That’s it. And for the brightness of the composition I wanted to paint on a couple more flowers in this rosette of leaves, it’s good that I did not rush.

How to draw a daisy step by step

I’ll start by drawing with lines. First, I will outline the composition as a whole – the number, length and arrangement of leaves, the length of the peduncle and the shape of the flower basket (daisy is an Asteraceae and what we consider to be a flower is the “head” inflorescence).

Daisy outline drawing

I will paint the daisy with watercolors. I’ll start with the leaves – this is for warm-up.

Daisy watercolor drawing

In the middle of the inflorescence there are yellow tubular flowers, and along the edges there are several rows of pale pink flowers, petals. That is, they are white from below, and towards the end the petal turns crimson.

Daisy step-by-step painting

The seamy side of the petals is also rich crimson. Moreover, there is a flower, that is, the basket is turned towards us not frontally, but in three quarters. Well draw, as we see, it’s drawing from nature.

Daisy colored drawing

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