How to draw the minion

how to draw the minion

Hi! If you’re here, it means you want to learn how to draw a character from the cartoon Ugly Me
I will help you do it, but first I’ll give you one piece of advice, sharpen your pencil and at first stages do not press it hard, make it very smoothly and easily. It will work, do it!

Step 1 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-1

Start with the circle at the top of the page. It doesn’t have to be flawless, it’s just the base for the minion’s head. If you want to draw a chubby character like Josh, draw an oval or a wider circle.

Step 2 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-2

Then draw two intersecting lines, a vertical line and a horizontal line. The bottom of the vertical line should protrude beyond the circle. The length of the vertical line determines the height of the minion. If you want to draw a tall minion like Tim, draw a larger line. The end result will look like a cross within a circle. This construction will help you draw the minion’s face.

Step 3 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-3

Draw two small circles at the top of the horizontal line, one on each side of the vertical line. These will be the outlines of our character’s eyes. If you want to draw a one-eyed minion like Stuart, just draw a big circle in the center.

Step 4 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-4

Under the eyes, draw an outline that looks like an inverted English letter D as a reference point for the minion’s mouth. Use the bottom of the main circle to position this figure correctly.

Step 5 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-5

Under the head, draw a figure in the shape of a large U, as an outline for the minion’s body. The ends of the U should touch the ends of the horizontal line.

Step 6 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-6

On either side of the body, draw two curved lines as guides for the minion’s arms. The line on the left should point up toward the head, and the other should point down along the torso. As the minion’s hands, draw a small circle at the end of each line. The short lines will be the base for his fingers.

Step 7 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-7

Under the outline of the minion’s body, draw two small shapes that look like rectangles without tops. These will be the guides for the short pants. Under each of the shapes, draw a small U-shaped arc as the outline of his shoes.

Step 8 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-8

The initial sketch is ready. You have the basis for drawing the cute Minion. We sketched it with light pencil strokes. Now sharpen your pencil well, you have to press harder to get the darker and clearer lines of the final drawing.

Step 9 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-9

The dark circles in the center are the eyes of the Minion. The two outer merging circles are his thick glasses. Draw small squares on the left and right to represent the temples or straps of the glasses. The result should look like the picture.

Step 10 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-10

In each “glass” from the glasses, draw small circles that will become the pupils. As the pupils, inside these circles will be fat black dots. In the space between the contour of the pupil and the lens, draw tiny circles – these are the highlights in the eyes of the Minion. At the top and bottom draw his eyelids.

Step 11 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-11

Trace the outline of the mouth to get a dark clear line and draw some squares inside this figure. They will be the big teeth of our character.

Step 12 Draw the minion

How to draw the minion-12


Draw some curved lines at the top of the head with a break in the middle, using the big circle where it all started, as the base. This is the hair. You can draw the hair differently, depending on what kind of minion you’re drawing.

Step 13 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-13

Draw two elongated rectangles that follow the direction of the bottom of the main circle. These are the shoulder straps from the Minion’s overalls. At the end of each rectangle depict small circles – these are buttons. Draw the upper contour of the jumpsuit inside the U-shape.

Step 14 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-14

At this step we draw the bottom part of the jumpsuit. The waistband of the jumpsuit is just below the middle of the U-shape. The intersections of the waistline of the jumpsuit and the previously drawn front of the jumpsuit form the pockets. Inside the front we draw a logo, which is a rhombus inside which beech G. Finish the jumpsuit by drawing the pants, for which you use the small squares drawn earlier

step 15 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-15

Draw a line parallel to the line of the hand drawn earlier. Thus, the hand Minion became thicker. Using a circle on the end of the hand, form a palm in a gloved fist.

Step 16 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-16

Draw the right hand, using the line you drew earlier as a guide. Its thickness should be the same as the left hand. Draw a gloved palm, using the circle at the end of the guide line and the short pieces sticking out of that circle.

Step 17 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-17

Use the small U-shaped arcs at the very bottom to draw the boots for the Minion. A parallel line along the bottom edge of the boots will allow you to draw a thick sole.

Step 18 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-18

We are close to the final step. Now you have a great sketch of the Minion from the cartoon Ugly Ya. But he still needs to be given a finished look.

Step 19 draw the minion

How to draw the minion-19

Use a pen or marker pen to trace and underline the outline of the design again. Once the ink is dry, erase all unnecessary pencil lines. Now you have a ready character Mignon! You can stop there or go on to the final step.

Step 20 Draw the minion

How to draw the minion-instruction

In order to completely finish the drawing, we have to color it. You can use anything you want: markers, colored pencils or even crayons! Minion’s skin color is yellow. His shoes, gloves, and glasses are black. The glasses are gray and the eyes are brown. The jumpsuit is blue.
That’s it! Congratulations, you learned how to draw another character!

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