Learn how to draw bear head and face

Let`s learn how to draw a bear’s head.

For the beginners it is enough to study two options – a bear’s head in profile and facefront view.

How to draw a bear’s head in profile

If we want to draw ,for example,the head of the bear,where do you think we should start? My answer – not with fur,chubby cheeks and a glistening black nose. We should start with an introduction to the skull of a bear. We are interested in the overall skull shape and placement of eyes and ears: Bear head sketch

Applying knowledge of the structure of the skull we will be sure to draw the head of a bear,not a Teddy bear.

Sloping forehead, elongated nose, a relatively small lower jaw.

Bear profile drawing

Draw the eye and the ear exactly where they are located in the skull. And then add the fur.

Bear head drawing in profile

Now let’s see how to draw the face of a bear.

Full face Bear drawing

In this case I’m going to use the crib:

Bear face drawing

Here is a generalized pencil sketch:

Bear face pencil sketch.

Looks interesting. The face is very wide, horizontal oval.

ar face drawing step by step

While the facial features are concentrated in the middle.

Small eyes wide apart, a nose like a Piglet.

Bear face step by stepHow todraw bear face step by step

Ears! Please note the ears do not grow on top -they are where in the skull ear canals are located.

Bear full face line drawing

And let us color bear`s face brown.

Bear face colored drawing

Well,now you have learned how to draw the head and face of a bear.

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