How to draw a blue jay tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a blue jay.

Alas, again I am writing a lesson on how to draw a bird that I have never seen in my life. In childhood I was told about the bluebird of happiness. And I thought it was just a fairy tale, but it’s also appeared that there really is a blue bird in the world. And then it turned out that the jay can imitate the voices and they even call her a mockingbird. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is one of my favorite books. So I definitely need to draw this unseen mysterious bird.


Blue jay drawing lesson

No matter how beautiful the bird is, we always start drawing not from patterns, but from a general sketch. And draw it with a pencil so that you can fix it if we make a mistake somewhere.

And now step by step jay drawing lesson.

Step 1 – body.

Blue jay body drawing

Step 2 – add tail:

Blue jay step-by-step drawing tutorial

Step 3 -it’s time to draw the legs of the jay. They look very common, like any bird like a jackdaw or a crow.

How to draw blue jay

Step 4. Draw the head and the neck. Look, the head is proportionately large, apparently this is a smart bird. By the way, there is also a perky tuft on the head .

Blue jay outline

Step 5. And now we finally got to the decorations and patterns:

blue-Jay-drawing- (7)-1

Step 6. Let`s paint our blue jay. Wikipedia reports: a characteristic feature is a blue back, a short blue scallop, a black necklace, a blue-black-and-white pattern on the wings and a black-and-white striped tail.

Blue Jay colored drawing

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