How to draw an Easter bunny

How to draw an Easter bunny

Step 1

Draw the outline for the head with a thinner round shape for the top half and a thicker portion for the lower half. Then, use two long, thin and rounded shapes for the outlines of the ears. Finish these off by drawing some thin oval shapes inside of them for the inner ears

Step 2

For the eyes, draw some small oval shapes that have some even smaller round shapes within them. Then, there will be a rounded triangular nose beneath the eyes, and this will have some curved lines coming out from the bottom for the smiling mouth. Add some squared teeth to the roof of the mouth, and then draw the bottom of the open mouth.

Step 3

First, use a rounded line to draw the bottom half of the egg in a way that makes it look like it would connect to the tip you drew previously. Then, it will just be a matter of decorating the egg! We used some pointy lines, small circles and other shapes to decorate it

Step 4

You can draw the legs using some sharply curved lines. Then, draw the long, flat feet of the bunny with some smaller rounded lines for the toes

Step 5

First, we added some sharp, pointy jagged lines at the base of the rabbit for the grass that it is sitting on. Then, we added a line to the interior of the mouth to give it some more depth

Step 6

Colorized your bunny!

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