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How to draw a Cobra Snake

Let`s learn how to draw a Cobra. How can we guess that this is the Cobra? Yes, of course, the fact that the snake in the picture with its hood expanded. Note that the Cobra is depicted in a typical threatening pose. Sensing the danger or preparing for attack, this snake raises the front part

How to draw a red Fox

This article is from the series “Wild animals drawing”. Today we complete the collection of drawings of canids. Let`s learn how to draw a Fox. I already told you which method I use when drawing an animal that is not found in the city. It is not difficult – you need to find a nice

How to draw a realistic Frog

Let`s learn how to draw a Frog. Can you imagine the appearance of a frog? Offhand most of us will say: the frog is green and roundeye. And start to remember the frogs from cartoons. But honestly, it is better to remember, the way these frogs appear in the swamp. Yes, pop-eyed, but not very

How to draw a Tenrec tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Tenrec. -Yeah, well. Let us learn , but we just would like to know what it is at all. -This is the critter! I learned about the existence of tenrecs, when I read the tales of the people of Madagascar. Some mysterious tenrecs were common hunting prey – they

How to draw a jellyfish(medusa)

Let`s learn how to draw a jellyfish. This animal is also called medusa. Jelly-fishes diverse in appearance and have a very strange structure and lifestyle. Contents 1 Jelly-fish drawing – lesson 1 2 Jellyfish drawing lesson 2 3 How to draw a Jellyfish – lesson 3 Jelly-fish drawing – lesson 1 The body of a