How to draw a Tenrec tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Tenrec.

-Yeah, well. Let us learn , but we just would like to know what it is at all.

-This is the critter! I learned about the existence of tenrecs, when I read the tales of the people of Madagascar. Some mysterious tenrecs were common hunting prey – they were cooked or fried…

I found out from the Internet that the tenrecs are very cute animals like hedgehogs, but not related to them.

I loved the spotted black and yellow, it turned out that this were striped tenrecs (Hemicentetes semispinosus).

Let`s learn how to draw a striped Tenrec.

Start with a pencil draft:

Tenrec line sketch

Draw the torso – it has almost an oval shape:

Tenrec step by step

Legs just like a hedgehog:

Tenrec drawing step by step

Tenrec legs drawing

The muzzle is long and narrow, reminiscent of even the proboscis:

Tenrec outline

Now our drawing looks like shrew or possum. But we will draw strong colorful needles on the back and tenrec immediately become like himself.

Tenrec drawing

I hope you not only learned how to draw a Tenrec, but liked this cute animal.

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