How to draw a red Fox

This article is from the series “Wild animals drawing”. Today we complete the collection of drawings of canids.

Let`s learn how to draw a Fox.

I already told you which method I use when drawing an animal that is not found in the city. It is not difficult – you need to find a nice picture online and draw it in stages.


Fox drawing – lesson 1

Here is a sketch which shows how the legs bend.

Fox drawing 13

After that it is easy to make a pattern.

Draw the torso. In this picture, Fox is not sideways to us,and almost directly face-on to us. Because of this, the torso seems short.

Fox torso drawing

But rear legs we can see in all their glory:

Fox rear legs drawing

he front legs are resting securely in the ground. The tail is raised as the plume.

Fox legs drawing

The muzzle is triangular. Draw large, pointy ears, sly eyes and a black nose.

Fox drawing

So we drew an outline of a Fox. But now this picture can be taken and the Jackal, coyote and even a wolf – they are all canines. As we are laymen,we have to distinguish Fox on its characteristic color. The body is rusty,the ends of the legs are black and white chest.

Red fox drawing

Fox drawing – lesson 2

Red fox drawing

And here is a step by step drawing lesson.

Looking at the original draw sketch:

Fox sketch

Now,of course, we need to draw the torso:

Fox step by step

Add legs and fluffy tail:

Red fox drawing step by step

And a sly muzzle already known to us.

Red Fox drawing

Well, I hope you learned how to draw a Fox.

How to draw a silver fox

  1. And here is another Fox drawing lesson. This Fox is called silver, in life it is usually black, but in fact it is variation of the red Fox. So everything is fine.
  2. Silver fox sketch
  3. Silver fox step-by-step
  4. Silver fox drawing lesson
  5. Silver fox drawing tutorial
  6. Silver fox drawing step-by-step

Well, finally, step by step we drew our Fox:

Fox coloring page

Let’s be honest and paint it correctly:

Silver fox colored drawing

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