How to draw a Tiger Face(Head)

Let`s learn how to draw a Tiger Head.


Tiger Face drawing – front view

Let’s think about what sheet shape is necessary. Preferably square, as tiger head is wide. Let’s make the markings with a pencil. Will hold the middle line (symmetry axis) and outline the eye line, then the length and width of the nose.

Tiger face pencil sketch

Now refine the sketch:

Tiger face step by step drawing

Tiger nose is large, wide and relatively short. Slightly slanting eyes set wide apart.

Tiger face phased drawing

The forehead is not large, but still relatively higher than, say. has a pet cat. Tiger has no eyebrows, but at the same time, it has.

Tiger face - step by step

Now the lower part of the muzzle. The end of the tiger nose is triangular with cutout nostrils. On the sides of the nose there are two “pads” from which grow long mustache, and beneath it, a surprisingly small jaw, or rather what we would consider a chin. In fact, the face of the tiger is triangular, but it appears wide because of the fur collar on his neck.

Tiger Face drawing 13

Let`s distribute stripes on the face of the tiger. Their location should underscore the point that the head of the tiger is voluminous and not flat. And there are not so many stripes on the face – a few on the forehead and on the cheeks. There are no stripes on the nose and on the chin.

Tiger face and head drawing

The portrait of a tiger is ready. Wise, calm and majestic.

Tiger full face colored picture

Tiger full face drawing – lesson 2

I found a wonderful photo of the white tiger and really admired the noble features of his face.

Tiger head drawing

Let`s draw him step-by-step.

Start with pencil sketch.

Pencil sketch of tiger face

Further it would be necessary to draw the oval of the face,but I decided that it would be better to do features.

Tiger drawing

Draw ears on top:

Tiger face step-by-step

Add luxurious mustache

Tiger head drawing

Paint black stripes:

Tiger face and head drawing

How to draw tiger head in profile

I found a beautiful photo of a tiger in profile and decided that I need to learn to draw in a turn.

How to draw a tiger in profile

I failed to come up with a way to draw a portrait of the tiger according to the science. So I drew as presumably could look like the skull of a tiger and I drew basing on this skeleton.

Tiger in profile

Tiger face in profile drawing

Tiger face and head in profile

Add colors:

Tiger face in profile

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