How to draw a Musk ox tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a musk ox.

Have you ever heard of such an animal?I learned about them recently and immediately rushed to read Wikipedia. It turned out that despite this name there are no musk glands in musk oxen. And these “oxes” may not even be bulls but relatives of goats. No how!

The animal itself is very interesting and beautiful. It will be a pleasure to draw it.

How to draw a musk ox – lesson 1

Start with a pencil sketch:

Musk ox pencil sketch

Musk oxen live in very severe northern conditions and look like a stack of wool with a minimum of protruding parts of the body. A long coat hides the shape of the body, but we still see that there is a hump on the withers. With this long fur Musk oxen resemble yaks.

Musk ox body drawing

Feet barely could be seen from under the drooping almost to the ground coat. But pay attention to the hooves-on the front legs they are bigger and more powerful, of course, because the musk oxen have to dig out the food from under the snow.

Musk ox drawing lesson

The head and especially the structure of the horns are very similar to buffalo. However, the ears of musk oxen do not protrude to the sides, on the contrary, they are small and hidden in wool.

Musk ox drawing tutorial

So we drew a linear diagram of a musk ox.

Musk ox line drawing

On the body the wool of a musk ox is usually black or dark brown. The legs are light.

Musk ox colored drawing

Let us consolidate our achievements in the musk ox drawing.

How to draw a muskox – lesson 2

Step 1 – draw body. Note – this musk ox is depicted in the summer and its wool is noticeably shorter than in winter – highly insulated.

Musk ox drawing step by step

The legs are visible almost to the knees.

Musk ox drawing step by step lesson

And the front legs:

Musk ox realistic drawing

The head is very large:

Musk ox outline

Let`s color our musk ox drawing:

Musk ox colored drawings and pictures

Now you know how to draw a musk ox.


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