How to draw a Cobra Snake

Let`s learn how to draw a Cobra.

How can we guess that this is the Cobra? Yes, of course, the fact that the snake in the picture with its hood expanded. Note that the Cobra is depicted in a typical threatening pose. Sensing the danger or preparing for attack, this snake raises the front part of its body in the characteristic positions, which in itself is impressive. But that’s not all: in the place where anatomically the Cobra’s neck is spread in oval hood with a characteristic pattern that looks like eyeglasses. Here it is – a tool of intimidation! It operates flawlessly. Even if we humans can’t look at disturbed Cobra at least, without astonishment, so what to say about animals? We’ll never know, but probably something amazing! Suppose a large hood with circles on it may impersonate the head of a large animal. Let’s start drawing with a long sinuous line – the body of a snake:

Cobra snake drawing 13

Don’t forget that the torso and tail this is the most essential part, while the stand remains on the ground. They are not lying extended at length, but on the contrary very prudently rolled into twists. For what it is, what do you think? Of course, for support.

Cobra drawing Cobra Snake drawing Cobra drawing step by step
And the fact that the body of the Cobra is very evenly tapers to the tail, we‘ll have to draw ,so to speak mathematically calculating how much we have progressed. Cobra drawing

Draw the characteristic color and pattern of the scales. Keep in mind that the cross section of the snake’s body is round and we need to show the volume, this we will achieve by depicting the shadows.

Cobra drawing

Well,we learned how to draw a Cobra,standing in front facing us.

However, the Cobra with expanded hood looks also very impressive when viewed from the back:

Cobra drawing 17

In this case, we also first need to come up with the beautiful curves of the snake’s body on the ground and how to raise its head.

Cobra sketch

It’s not hard to make a long cylindrical torso,it is important for us not to miss with a hood.

Cobra step by step

So let’s try to make the neck and head of a Cobra to look good:

Сobra drawing 2

No, not yet learned how to draw a Cobra. Need to learn how to draw a Cobra’s head.

Cobra head drawing

This picture, of course, interesting, but obscure. To explain what and how I drew the cobra`s skull and part of the backbone with ribs.

Cobra skull drawing

Now all became clear:

Сoba`s head drawing

And now draw the scales and shadows:

Cobra drawing

Well, now you know how to draw a Cobra Snake, do you?

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