How to draw a Humpback Whale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Humpback Whale.

Friends! Imagine, the humpback whale got its name not because he had a hump. They say that this whale arches its back strongly when floating and it gave a reason to call him a hunchback!

Hampback drawing lesson 1

Humpback whale drawing

The body is shortened and tight, in front part it is expanded, in the back — refined and compressed laterally. The belly is saggy.

Whale drawing

The tail consists of two large blades. The pectoral fins are very long, with thickened, uneven front edges.

Humpback Whale step-by-step drawing

The flattened head rounded at the end of the snout is nearly one-third of body length.

Humpback Whale line drawing

Lower jaw and part of the belly are lined with stripes – this whales are called minke whales.

Minke whale drawing.

But what is wrong with his face? What is this strange warts?

But I did not come up, the humpback whale the face really looks likethis:

Humpback Whale head drawing

How to draw the head of humpback whale

It’s easy!

Humpback Whale`s head drawing

Draw a very original line of the mouth:

Humpback Whale`s face drawing

Small eye is situated almost below the level of the nose:

Whale`s head drawing

The throat is covered with longitudinal stripes, and jaws are studded with large growths-warts:

Humpback Whaleё`s head and face drawing


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