Sea Turtle drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sea turtle. There are several varieties of sea turtles. We shall begin with one of the most common – Chelonia mydas.

Sea turtles, of course, are relatives of land tortoises and resemble them, but there are significant differences. For example, sea turtles can’t retract head and limbs under their shells.


Sea turtle drawing – the view from the back

Draw the starting sketch:

Sea turtle pencil sketch

This is the view from the top and the overall configuration is very clearly visible. Please keep in mind that the body almost any creature is symmetrical. Be sure to spend the symmetry axis and while drawing ensure that the shape and dimensions of the right and left sides of the turtle are the same.

Draw a turtle shell – it has oval or heart-shaped form.

Drawing a turtle shell

Head is rather large, triangular mounted on sturdy moveable neck.

ea turtle drawing step by step

The front legs of sea turtles are turned into wing-like fins:

Sea turtle drawing tutorial

The hind legs are smaller -they are triangular and we can see the fingers with taut membranes. The tail is very small and does not look impressive.

Sea turtle drawing

Now draw the characteristic pattern of armoured plates on the back of sea turtles and the picture is ready:

Sea turtle drawing 13

Sea turtle drawing – side view

Sea Turtle outline 3

Body in motion is horizontal and resembles the shell of the bivalve:

Sea Turtle -side view 13

The turtle is simultaneously rowing the front flippers.

Sea turtle flippers drawing

Hind legs and tail are stretched back:

Sea Turtle side view drawing

The long neck with oval head is stretched up:

Sea Turtle side view drawing

Add sea blue:

Sea Turtle colored picture

Sea turtle bottom view

Click images to enlarge:

Sea turtle bottom drawing Sea turtle shell drawing
Sea turtle step by step drawing 7 Sea Turtle phased drawing lesson

Step by step we drew this Sea Turtle^

How to draw a Sea Turtle step-by-step.

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