How to draw Weasel and Ermine

How to draw Weasel and Ermine(stoat).

Friends, in my opinion it is not so difficult to draw a little animal, but it is difficult to choose a name for it from several almost synonyms. These mustelids are very similar to each other and if you are not a narrow specialist, it is very difficult to determine who is weasel, ermine or ferret… or stoat. We will draw some generalised picture of the small animal of the weasel family.

Ermine(weasel) drawing

First you need to draw a pencil sketch:

Ermine pencil sketch

Do not be lazy and mark scheme of the internal structure, specify feet folds. Now, having a good plan, you can go to the step-by-step drawing.

The trunk is long and very flexible.

Ermine(stoat) drawing

Draw the bent hind legs and tail of moderate thickness and length:

Weasel drawing

The front legs are straight. The head is round, streamlined.These nimble, fast long little creatures are very similar to snakes

Ermine drawing step-by-step

The muzzle is elongated, the eyes are large, the ears are round and not prominent on the head.

Ermine head and face drawing

And step by step we have drawn ermine:

Ermine drawing

In winter these animals are snow-white.The weasel differs from ermine only in size and the fact that ermine`s tail tip is always black. For the summer coloring changes – remains bright abdomen and the back becomes brown.

Ermine(weasel) colored drawing

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