How to draw a Pangolin tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pangolin.

Pangolins are one of the rarest animals of the Earth. These animals belonging to the detachment of the placental mammals, they can be easily confused with armadillos. But despite the external similarity, these animals are completely different. In case of danger, pangolins curl up into a ball, so they are given the name “pengguling” — in Malay that means “to curl into a ball.”

The skin of the pangolin is covered with moveable scales, which are the protective armor. Pangolins are devoid of teeth, but they have huge claws, resembling the excavators as well as a long tongue and tail.

Pangolin drawing – lesson 1

Start with pencil sketch:

Pangolin pencil sketch

I drew a diagram of the bending of the limbs, but it’s more to do right. In fact, the scales on the pangolin bristle greately and we can only guess about the internal structure of this animal.

Pangolin drawing 2

Pangolins move, relying on their huge claws.

Pangolin line drawing

The scales of the pangolin make him very similar to a spruce cone:

Pangolin drawing

As for the muzzle of a pangolin,now look – I found a very nice picture. The head is very elongated,the eyes are large(but short-sighted),ears like a human. The facial expression is very gentle. But what powerful claws!

Pangolin face drawing

And here’s another step-by-step lesson how to draw a pangolin.

Pangolin drawing – 2

Pangolin pencil outline

Pangolin drawing step by step

Pangolin line drawing

Now draw the shadows and highlights to give the impression of volume to the figure of the pangolin.

Pangolin drawing 13

And some Pangolin drawings for you.

Pangolin outline

Silhouette of pangolin:

Pangolin draing 7

Pangolins feed on ants and termites – and they need their armor for protection not only from predators but also from insect bites. How to draw a termite we will study in the near future.

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