How to draw a poodle tutorial

How to draw a poodle.

The poodle is an outgrowth of the hunting breed of dogs. Nowadays, poodles are no longer hunting animals, they are turned into ornamental dogs to demonstrate the original tastes of the owners. If you look at the photo on the Internet, you will involuntarily be amazed at what people can turn a completely worthy dog by a strange haircut. We, however, now draw a poodle, albeit with a hairdo, but we will choose an option that is not very exciting.

How to draw f Poodle

Poodle drawing step by step

Step 1 – pencil sketch. A thick long coat hides the outlines of the limbs and we can only guess where the folds are.

Poodle schema

Step 2 – draw a more detailed sketch:

Poodle drawing step by step

I agree that the figure of the dog looks angular, but it’s not our fault but Cubism in the design of haircuts.

Step 3 – draw the body.

Poodle body drawing

Step 4 – hind legs and tail like a pompon:

Poodle drawing lesson

Step 5 – column-shaped front legs:

Poodle step by step drawing lesson

Step 6 – the long nosed muzzle is framed with shaggy ears and a mane-like hairdo:

Poodle line drawing



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