How to draw a husky dog tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a husky dog.

Huskies are a generic name for several breeds of sled dogs bred in the northern regions that are notable for their quick pull. Currently, the breed “Siberian Husky” is used not only as a sled, but also as a companion dog and show dog.

These are dogs with thick hair, a sharp muzzle with erect ears and a straight tail.

How to draw a husky sitting

As always, I strongly recommend that you first draw in pencil and in the most common lines.

How to draw a husky sitting

The sketch stage is the most important. No cute details will save the picture if the overall resemblance is not grasped. Therefore, we check several times, it is necessary to make sure whether everything is good in our scheme.
Further it is easy to draw. Step 1- draw the body. When the dog is sitting, its torso is not set vertically, but tilted forward and rests on its front legs.

Husky body drawing

Step 2. Now draw these supporting front legs.

Sitting husky step by step drawing

Step 3. Draw the hind legs. They are strongly bent. When a man squats, his knees rise high almost to the shoulders. In animals, it does not look like that at all. “Knees” are somewhere under the belly.
Husky drawing lesson

Step 4. Draw the head and face of the husky. The muzzle of this breed is very pretty. For exhibitions, huskies with a shorter nose were brought out, this made the face even more beautiful.
How to draw husky head and face

Step 5. And our picture is connected entirely in steps.

Sitting husky outline

Step 6. Usually Huskies have black and white colors of wool and blue eyes.

Husky colored drawing

Now you have learned how to draw a seated husky.

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