Learn how to draw a Porcupine

If you want to learn how to draw porcupine, bear in mind that porcupines varied.

To begin with, what are we going to learn to draw the cape porcupine.

Porcupine drawing step-by-step

Porcupines are large rodents, some are almost a metre long. Thick and clumsy they would be a great game for predators if not for their horrible needles. The body of the porcupine is covered with hair, which sometimes turns into a hard stubble. Of the bristles stick out short and long white and black needles -so sharp that to scare anyone. In fact, porcupines are slow, but this one is in a hurry – runs as he can:

 Porcupine drawing

Porcupine drawing – lesson 1

Start with a pencil sketch.When doing a preliminary outline – the best time to remember the internal structure of the animal and to specify the schema of the paw bends. Porcupine pencil drawing 13

Now you can draw a porcupine itself. We do not see the body,so let’s start to draw with paws:

Porcupine step by step Porcupine legs drawing

Porcupine`s snout is bluntly conical, eyes are small, and ears are inconspicuous.

Porcupine phased drawing

And now we‘re going to distribute throughout the body of the porcupine his weapon – luxury needles:

Porcupine drawing 49

Well, one tutorial is not enough to really learn how to draw a porcupine. We come to the second lesson.

Porcupine drawing lesson 2

 Porcupine outline

Draw a pencil sketch of a porcupine more particularly:

Draw a pencil sketch of a porcupine

Next, we will draw in the usual sequence:

Step 1.

Porcupine drawing step by step

Step 2

Porcupine drawing tutorial

Step 3.

Porcupine drawing lesson 2

Step 4.

Porcupine line drawing

Step 5.

Porcupine colored picture


And meet a fourth porcupine:

Porcupine drawing for kids

The impressive appearance, quite frankly. When I worked at the zoo, one day the cleaning lady forgot to close the cage, and the porcupine got away. Later in the evening he climbed out of the bushes on one of the streets and scared some old people. It is understandable – such a beast and snorts and grunts and ruffling the needles. Then for a long time there were rumors about the appearance of a fantastic monster. But ,I hope you kept cool while learning to draw a porcupine.

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