How to draw a Pit Bull

Let`s learn how to draw a pitbull dog.

To tell the truth-when I first saw the pit bull on the street, I was very happy that he was muzzled and the owner led him on a sturdy leash. At first sight it is clear that the dogs of this breed are very strong, fast and probably aggressive. From Wikipedia, I learned that the pit bulls were bred for bullying bulls, and then for dog fights. Needless to say – the fighting qualities of the pit bulls are immediately evident.

Pit Bull drawing step by step

How to draw a pitbull? Let’s do the easiest way – we’ll find a good picture on the Internet and draw a pit bull like that. Personally, I always start drawing from the structure scheme and first draw with a graphite pencil. And at each stage I carefully compare whether the picture is similar.

Now we need to clarify our first sketch.

Pit Bull pencil sketch

Well, the sketch turned out to be similar and we continue, at first clearly draw the body. The chest is wide, the back is even, the stomach is tight – the pit bull has a very athletic build.

Pitbull body drawing

Next, let’s draw the hind legs (and the sex signs). The thin and long tail of this breed never is newer cropped.

Pit Bull step by step

The front legs are straight and they look a little thicker than the rear.

Pitbull drawing step-by-step

The pit bull has a powerful neck and a large head with a broad face.Pitbull drawing step-by-step

The pit bull has a powerful neck and a large head with a broad face.

Pit Bull drawing lesson

Now draw a pencil sketch of the head – outline the face features.

Pitbull face drawing

And here is the whole picture of the pit bull:

Pitbul drawing

The drawing is quite similar, but we will add shadows to give the pit bull the volume.

Pitbull picture

I told you how to draw a pit bull, but if you want more, then read one more lesson – “Pitbull drawing in steps”:

Pitbull drawing -3

At the same time I advise you to read how to draw a bull.

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