Learn how to draw a camel and baby camel

Let`s learn how to draw a camel and baby camel.

Immediately noticeable that they are very similar. An adult camel is larger and more massive, but in fact both are long-legged and long-necked. Let’s start with finding out how to draw two-humped camel.

Camel drawing step by step

Camel sketch

Camels seem paradoxicalabsurd, clumsy, yet delicate and graceful.
Draw the torso . Back is arched , and with two humps. The belly is also an arc, but it is not saggy, but very toned.

Camel drawing step by step

The hind legs of a camel are inimitable – they are amazingly articulated,long and attached to the body in a wholly unexpected way. Feet have two fingers, ending with something like claws.

On the bends of the feet camels have rough calluses that allow them to lie on the heated soil.

Two -humped camel drawing

The front legs are also very slender,but they look more usuallylike other herbivores.

Camel phased drawing

You can see that the sacrum is significantly higher than the withers. Well,this slope is compensated by the cool curved up neck.

Camel drawing 13

Although camels live in very hot climates,this does not prevent them from having thick and very warm fur.

Camel drawing

How to draw Baby Camel

Click images one by one to enlarge and study:

Caml baby sketch Camel baby step by step
Camel baby phased drawing Camel baby

Meet our picture -cute camel baby

Camel colt

Next time we will learn how to draw one-humped camel.

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