How to draw a Nutria (or Muskarat)

Let`s learn how to draw a Nutria. If you are interested in how to draw a muskrat then this tutorial will also be useful -nutria and muskrat are very similar in appearance.

Even zoologists say that if you meet near water a wet brown animal with a long tail,it is not immediately you will figure out who it is nutria or muskrat.


The animal has a very original shape like a pear. The tail is long and hairless like a rat. The toes on its hind feet are long and are connected by a swimming membrane.

Muskarat drawing

Small short forelegs just like a man:

Muskarat(nutria )step by step drawing

The head is typical for rodents-something between a rat and a beaver:

Nutria drawing lesson

Eyes and ears are small, but the vibrissae are long,thick and impressive.

Nutria(muskarat )drawing

Here we have drawn a lovely water rodent,but is it a nutria or a muskrat is up to you.

Nutria-muskarat picture

In one lesson you learned how to draw both nutria and muskrat.

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