How to draw a Hare

Let`s learn how to draw a Hare.

Hare is a wild animal which looks very similar to rabbit. This is understandable – they are relatives.But we will not be confused – there are differences between hares and rabbits. For example, hares are solitary and make their nests,but do not dig burrows. Hares with the onset of winter change fur color to white, and about the rabbits I have read, that they keep the color as is.

Hares did not succumb to domestication! That’s what I infinitely respect!

Other points of similarity-differences we will discuss already in the process of drawing a Hare.Let’s start with the pictures of a Sitting Hare – side view.


Hare drawing tutorial 1

Hare colored drawing

It is obvious that hare, when sitting, is thinner and more slender than the rabbit.

Sitting Hare pencil sketch

Its back is bended:

Step by step bunny(hare) drawing

Hare`s limbs are long and strong, rear ones adapted to jumping much longer than front ones. Speaking of the tail, it is not similar to pompon. It’s just a normal short tail.

Phased Hare drawing

Front paws rest on the ground and slightly bent: Bunny drawing Draw hear`s mussle. The facial features all together make the expression of something like the hare is displeased. The eyes are large and, like other herbivores, they are on the side of the head, for expansion review: Hare drawing lesson The head is crowned with crowned with long and wide ears. Hare picture

And one more lesson how to draw a sitting hare

First, of course, we need a pencil sketch.

Sitting hare drawing

Now draw the biggest part – the body:

Hare drawing tutorial

Add legs:

Hare drawing lessons

In this case, the head will be the most interesting stage for the image.

Hare step-by-step drawing lesson

Pay attention to the disgruntled and some arrogant facial expression.

Sitting hare outline

Let’s color the resulting outline.

Colored hare drawing

Well, we learned how to draw a sitting hare. Proceed to the gradual drawing of a galloping Bunny. I must say – the hares jump much more efficiently than rabbits. In common jumping hare resembles cheetah on the run.

Jumping Hare drawing

Hare drawing from photo

Here is your step by step lesson, click the images to enlarge:

Hare pencil sketch 1 Running hare drawing Bunny step by step drawing for kids Hare gradual drawing

This is how these hares and jump:

Jumping Hare picture

We have now painted two summer hares -brown and lean.

Do not stop, continue to learn how to draw a winter hare! Look at the chubby Rabbit, you think he’s fat? Yes whit, it’s a long coat. In winter hare eatr bark and isn’t fattening.

Winter Hare picture

Winter Hare drawing step by step

Bunny pencil outline Hare body drawing Bunny drawing lesson

And here is the whole Hare, jumping with all legs:

Hare picture

Well, now you’ve undoubtedly learned how to draw a hare in any season and in any position.цшдв

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