How to draw a sperm whale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sperm Whale.

The sperm whale is a relative of whales, but he is a toothed whale. He does not filter plankton, but preys on squids. I think it looks like this:

Sperm Whale pray

But I’m ahead of the game. Let’s first learn how to draw a sperm whale step by step.

Sperm Whale pencil outline

Conical body with amazingly huge head:

Sperm Whale step by step

The fins and tail have a typical whale shape:

Sperm Whale

The head has a rectangular shape. The eyes are small, like other whales as well. The lower jaw looks incredible. I don’t dare to describe it . You have to see it yourself.

Sperm Whale line drawing

Let`s add some colors:

Sperm Whale colored drawing

And here are two more very easy drawings of a sperm whale. Such is the case: although the animal is really huge, there are few details and its shape is generally simple.

Sperm whale drawing tutorial

Outline the pencil sketch with a sharper line.

SpermWhale outline.

There is nothing more to draw – well, a carrot with tail fins.

rom the side of the belly, the sperm whale looks even more strange, especially the lower jaw. I can’t guess how he manages to feed his carcass with such a tiny jaw.

 Sperm Whale pencilsketch

Draw the body of a sperm whale:

spermwhale drawing step by step

Add fins, tail and JAW. Here is a drawing of a sperm whale – bottom view:

 Spem Whale -bottom view

Well, now we’ve learned how to draw sperm whale. And now we can paint narrative pictures about it. For example, here is a picture about how the whalers are hunting the sperm whale – Moby dick.

Hunting for Moby dick-the white whale


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