How to draw a Kitten tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Kitten.

I think everyone in the world loves kittens. They are very cute and pretty. Little fluffy lumps with huge surprised eyes. Immediately you want to get home such a living toy. But then we realize that this kid will soon grow up into a great big cheeky cat and we have to care for it and generally bear the responsibility. Not everyone is ready for this.

But it is so good to be able to draw cute kittens and melt over a picture. I hope I’m a good motivator so you want to learn how to draw a kitten.

Let’s start with the drawing of a lying kitten.

Kitten pencil sketch

Kitten lies on back and waves his paws. Being an artist formalistic sense,of course, I would like to draw a diagram of the skeleton and build a picture based on this scheme. But looking at these fluffy creatures it is very hard to recreate this same internal structure. We have to be guided by intuition.

Kitten drawing step by step

In comparison with the body the head is large – as it usually is in young. But the hair on the muzzle is shorter and we can see more clearly the structure of the face. When you draw your facial features,you must constantly ensure that they were symmetrical and proportionate.

Kitten step by step

Draw triangular ears and a convex occiput. Yes. And don’t forget to draw the tail.

Kitten drawing

Kitten drawing lesson – 2

The second kitten is also lying on his back his paws up.

How to draw a cute kitten

As always, when we have to draw a fluffy animal, we will not be able to properly trace the anatomical structure.

Kitten pencil outline

Kitten drawing lesson

Scientifically, we can draw only the head of the kitten. Treat fairly and check all construction lines – the middle line, line of the eyes, ears line.

Kitten head drawing

And here we have a picture – playing kitten:

Kitten picture


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