How to draw a puma-cougar-mountain lion

Let`s learn how to draw a Puma. However, this amazing animal has many names-more than 40 in English! When I read about it, I immediately thought that learning to draw such a beast is easier than learning all his names. I fell in love with Puma when I read Castaneda: during the journey through the Sonora desert, don Juan encouraged Carlos with messages that the surrounding mountains were swarming with mountain lions.

How to draw Puma – lesson 1

Pencil draught:

 How to draw a Cougar

The puma has a long body, its outlines, although it sounds paradoxical, reminiscent of both the oval and the rectangle.

Cougar body drawing

The tail is also long, it is muscular, evenly pubescent. The hind legs are powerful and strong.

Puma drawing tutorial

Relatively to the body of a puma’s legs are not long. The front legs are noticeably thinner than the hind legs.

Mountain lion(puma) drawing lesson

The head proportionally also seems small.

Cougar(puma) drawing step by step

Muzzle is quite typical for a large predatory cat.

Puma face drawing

And so we drew a linear figure of a cougar:

Puma line drawing

The body color of the puma is very uniform – it is either grayish-beige or yellow-brown.

Puma colored drawing

Puma drawing lesson 2

The drawing sequence is exactly the same.

Step 1 – pencil outline:

Puma pencil sketch

Step 2 – draw the body of the puma:

Puma`s body drawing

Step 3 – hind legs and tail drawing:

Puma hind legs drawing

Step 4 – front legs:

Cougar(puma) legs drawing

Step 5 – draw a pencil sketch of a puma face:

Puma`s face pencil outline

Step 6 – we got the full figure of a cougar:

 Cougar(puma) outline

Step 7 – let`s color our picture of the puma:

Puma(cougar) colored picture

Well, I hope that not only me, but you also learned to draw a puma.


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