How to draw a jerboa tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Jerboa.

There are many types of jeroboa. They can be medium, small and very small. However, their shape of the body is about the same type.

As you can see, jerboa are rodents adapted to life in the steppes and deserts. And they have a very distinctive appearance.

Jerboa drawing – front view

Jerboa picture

Pencil sketch:

Jerboa pencil sketch

The trunk is short and compact:

Jerboa step by step

The hind saltatorial legs are very long and strong.

Jerboa hind legs drawing

Jerboa look like a kangaroo and they have the same way of jumping on two legs.Long, strong tail with a cluster of hair at the end balances jerboa when jumping.

Jerboa step by step drawing lesson

The large roundnose head with big eyes and ears – this are the signs of a nocturnal animal.

Jerboa drawing 13

But look at the front legs of the jerboa, they are extremely small and look like a caricature. How do jerboa feed?How do they grab meal?In proportion their legs are almost like a t-Rex!

Don’t worry, jerboa successfully cope.

Jerboa drawing

Still, I would like to know why they need these decorative hands.

Jerboa drawing 17





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