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Camel coloring pages

Today we are going to paint camel coloring pages. Camel is a large herbivorous animal from the desert and steppes. It belongs to so-called tylopoda (it means swollen foot). There are domesticated camels as well as wild ones. Camel`s legs end with some kind of growths, much different from hooves. Camel inhabits the places with

Learn how to draw a camel and baby camel

Let`s learn how to draw a camel and baby camel. Immediately noticeable that they are very similar. An adult camel is larger and more massive, but in fact both are long-legged and long-necked. Let’s start with finding out how to draw two-humped camel. Camel drawing step by step Camels seem paradoxical – absurd, clumsy, yet

How to draw a jerboa tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Jerboa. There are many types of jeroboa. They can be medium, small and very small. However, their shape of the body is about the same type. As you can see, jerboa are rodents adapted to life in the steppes and deserts. And they have a very distinctive appearance. Jerboa