How to draw an anteater tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an Anteater.

Anteater is a distant cousin of the sloth and the pangolin lives in Central and South America. There are several varieties of anteaters, some are small and climb trees, others are large and only go on the ground. First we will draw a giant anteater. It is named so for good reason – if you count with a tail, he can be more than two meters in length!


Giant Anteater drawing step by step

Here is a schematic pencil sketch. Before drawing the picture, you definitely need to do a preliminary sketch, if you want to learn to draw.

Anteater pencil sketch

As you can see drawing of the anteater we are not just going to draw a few lines on a clean sheet, but we will realize a clear image by using crib.

Well, draw the line of back. The head is inclined to the ground, the back is a gentle arc, the tail is directed parallel to the ground

Anteaner step by step

Anteater`s legs (and whole body) are covered with stiff long hair. Therefore we can not draw the folds in joints. But note – with hind legs anteater comes on foot, but on forepaws claws are so powerful they interfere walking and the anteater bends them, he leans while walking on the backhand.

Anteater phased drawing

Anteater has a strong neck and a long tapered head with small eyes and ears. Nostrils and tiny mouth are at the end of the muzzle. The mouth is of such magnitude that only to stick out a long sticky tongue which adhere termites and ants – the food of anteaters. But now the anteater walks, and does not hunt and the tongue is retracted in the mouth.

Anteater drawing step by step

The coat is particularly long on the tail. The beast looks so that it becomes immediately clear why it is called ant bear.

Anteater line drawing

Let`s color our line anteater drawing. He is painted rather strange – dark and light spots. But that’s exactly that he has long black stripe on the shoulder.

Anteater drawing

How to draw an Anteater – lesson 2

This anteater is not walking, but standing still. Although I will not say- it’s very “still”, on the contrary – the back is arched, the head is raised – the anteater is clearly agitated.

First, of course, draw a rough sketch with a pencil – a general outline and show the scheme of flexion of the limbs.

How to draw an Anteater

Step 2 – draw the body:

Anteater drawing lesson

Anteater is standing on straightened legs:

Anteater drawing step-by step tutorial

The front legs are also straight and, note, the anteater rests on the back of the foot. The fingers with long claws are inverted.

Anteater step-by-step drawing tutorial

Draw a huge fluffy broom-like tail:

Learn how to draw an anteater

The head is long, conical with round ears, lovely eyes and a tiny mouth at the end.

Anteater outline

The color of the Anteater is very specific – dark and light spots and stripes alternate in some unpredictable sequence. In this way the Anteater resembles a wolverine and, in part, a skunk.

Anteater colored drawing

Some anteater drawings

Anteater drawing -2

And another drawn anteater:

Anteater drawings and pictures

In the course of life, I will find interesting pictures and will supplement this article with new lessons on how to draw an anteater.

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