How to draw a snake

Snakes belong to the class of reptiles, namely, the squamous group. Snakes differ from their reptilian relatives that they have no limbs and the body very much elongated. The snakes themselves are very beautiful. Moreover, many of them are poisonous and present a real danger. Terrible and beautiful they certainly are a popular subject of drawings.

Theoretically, drawing of snakes is very simple – a piece of hose with a head at the end. But we want to draw an impressive picture. To do this, we need to choose a bright patterned snakes and also need to make sure that the location of its body was spectacular, we need the twists and knots.

Therefore, we will begin to learn how to draw snakes from a coral snake.

Coral snake drawing lesson

We find a beautiful picture on the Internet and first of all we make a diagram of the snake bends. Now we need to draw the lines of the sides of the snake taking into account the fact that the thickness of the body is quite the same along its entire length.

Coral snake pencil drawing

Check your pencil drawing and if it’s good, you can circle the lines brighter:

Coral snake outline

But this picture is very unimpressive. However, we still have a trump card – now we will color it. Coral snakes are covered with red, black and yellow rings. Coral snakes are covered with red, black and yellow rings. Since they are very poisonous, many imitators have divorced. It is said that in order of location of the rings one can distinguish a venomous snake from a non-poisonous snake. This is good news, but I think that with a close sudden collision, people are unlikely to begin to analyze patterns.

Coral snake drawing lesson

When you draw patterns do not think to draw them as a ruler, keep in mind that the body of the snake is round in section and the rings look arcuate.

Coral snake drawing

Yes! What a cool awesome beautiful snake turned out! On the other hand, I can afford to admire its beauty so much because it is absolutely safe for me now.

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