How to draw a tasmanian devil tutorial

How to draw a tasmanian devil.

The devil? What the hell was he called that?

Well, there is no mysticism. His black coloring, huge mouth with sharp teeth, ominous night cries and fierce temper gave the first European settlers reason to call this predator “the devil”.

How to draw a tasmanian devil – lesson 1

Tasmanian devil drawing lesson

I looked through a lot of photos of the Tasmanian devils on the Internet, and, you know, basically, the fiend of hell is either scared or discouraged. Well, what it is, so we will draw.

Draw the body and the tail.

How to draw the tasmanian devil -1

The back is hunched, his hind legs bent, as if he squats (with fear?)

Tasmanian devillegs drawing

The front legs are apart.

Tasmanian devil legs step by step drawing

The head is pulled in the shoulders, the face is directed upwards.

Face … can not be called demonic.

 Tasmanian devil face pencil scetch

And here we have a linear drawing of the Tasmanian devil.

Tasmanian devil outline

The color of this animal is black with several small white spots.

 Tasmanian devil colored drawing

He has such a bewildered look that you think so: poor devil.

Tasmaanian devil drawing lesson 2

Tasmanian devil drawing tutorial

This time we will learn how to draw a Tasmanian devil in profile. As we see, even just quietly running and frolicking the Tasmanian devils are hunched over.

Tasmanian devil drawing in profile

Let’s use the opportunity and learn how to draw legs in motion.

 Tasmanian devil hind legs drawing

Front legs:

Tasmanian devil step by step drawing tutorial

Draw a head. The muzzle is elongated and resembles a rat. However, pay attention to the amazing shape of the ears!

 Tasmanian devil line drawing

Now we only have to color the resulting picture.

 Tasmanian devil colored picture

Well? now you know how to draw a tasmanian devil. But, if you want more, then there is one more lesson on how to draw a Tasmanian devil with a wide open mouth – this is here:

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