How to draw an Arctic (polar) Fox

Let`s learn how to draw an Arctic Fox.

Scientists can not come to a consensus about whether polar foxes are relatives of foxes or wolves. Arcticoxes resemble both those, and others. An interesting feature of the Arctic Foxes is that depending on the season they completely change the image. In the summer Arctic foxes are slender brown animals with rather short fur. Winter fur white or grey, very long and warm, so the animal looks round and plump. Winter fur white or grey, very long and warm so the animal looks round and plump.

Arctic fox drawing lesson – 1

Schematic pencil sketch:

Arctic Fox sketch

The animal is chunky and its torso seems large.

Arctic fox drawing lesson

Short legs barely protrude from the thickness of this fur.

Arctic fox drawing step by step

In winter Arctic Fox looks squat with a chubby tail.

Arctic fox step by step

The nose of the Arctic Fox is shorter than those of a Fox, round the ears submerged in the fur.

Arctic Fox face

And here is our picture of the Arctic Fox:

Arctic fox line drawing

Scientists distinguish between white and blue Arctic foxes. Blue Arctic foxes in winter, become gray or brownish-blue. Those who are white are snow-white all winter long.


Arctic fox picture.

Polar Fox head and face drawing step by step

Let’s learn how to draw the face of a Fox full-face. But the chip is not in polar fox, but to understand the principle of how to draw the muzzle of the animal properly. Most importantly,I beg you not to neglect the rules of construction and clearly carry out all additional lines such as the eye line,the axis of symmetry.

Fox head drawing

Here we drew a sketch: the facial features symmetrical honestly,the eyes on one line,ears too.

Polar fox head drawing step by step

The outlines of the head is ready,you can draw the eyes and nose.

Polar fox head and face drawing

But line drawing is not enough expressive. It is necessary to draw shadow!

Arctic fox portrait drawing

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