How to draw a piggy

We continue to study the topicDomestic animals drawing.

Let`s draw a piggy step by step. The picture will be realistic:

Do not forget that pig is a domesticated hog (boar). People tamed this wild and violent creature that used to spread terror around it many thousands years ago. And even contemporary pigs are sometimes dangerous because of voracity. Grown up hog is huge and massive. But little piggy is not very fat.

Now let’s move on to our tutorial – how to draw a Piggy.

How to draw a little pig

The body of a young pig looks even slim and it is elongated. Undoubtedly there is something resembling dog or cat in its figure full of force and youth energy.

Pig`s drawing lesson

Hind legs are almost the same size as front legs, though we are used to think that hind legs should be stronger. Forked hoofs are very small and graceful.

How to draw a pig

Piggy`s head is large and the neck is visible(in contrast to adult hogs, whose neck is almost imperceptible). The long snout is ended with a piglet. Eyes are rather small,and ears are large and wide.

Piggy linear drawing

Try to catch not only a true appearance of lucky and free movement of our piggy while it stretches itself early in the morning. Pigs like rats are very clever animals, so we hope that our piggy is clever enough to avoid the slaughter.

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