How to draw a Mammoth

Let`s draw mammoths. Actually today mammoths are already extinct. They really lived on this earth but many thousands years ago when whole ground was covered by snow and all year round it was extremely cold. We know them and a lot of other animals of that times (called ice age) by remained parts of bodies – flash, bones or skin. Sometimes people discover even whole skeletons and frozen corpses of mammoths,so scientists could restore the appearance of this ancient giants.

Covered with the wool, they were lot like elephants by appearance. It was not even much bigger then latter. Here are elephants for comparison:


You can see that front legs of the beast were longer than hind ones. Then there was a hump on it`s back. Comparing this two animals I can say that elephant`s silhouette is like cow`s and mammoth was like bear`s. Mammoth`s tusks were longer and more curved than elephant`s, but the ears were smaller.

Now you will not mix up these animals. And we are ready to begin drawing.

How to draw a Mammoth step by step Lesson 1

Here is my picture:

Mammoth Drawing

1 . It is best to start any drawing with pencil sketch:

Pencil sketch of a Mammoth

Now we see the plan of our future picture , and we can be sure that there are no errors in proportions.

2 .So we proceed to the Mammoth picture itself. And I highly recommend to begin drawing of any animal with the torso -because it’s the biggest part of it`s body.

The corpus of mammoth has a triangular shape due to the high withers which looks like a hump.

Step by step Mammoth Drawing Tutorial.

3 . Add legs -hind ones are short. The front legs are much taller.

Mammoth Drawing lesson

4 . Draw the head. It`s top has the form of a truncated cone. Strange tusks are bent upwards, and it seems that they are almost connected.

Drawing of a Mammoth

How to draw a Mammoth -step by step Lesson 2

This Mammoth resembles the previous one -it is understandable because the beast is the same:

Mammoth Drawing 17

But in this picture, the mammoth is rotated in the other direction, for if we want to learn drawing(Mammoth drawing, for example) we have to train to draw mammoth in different positions.

1 . Pencil sketch:

Mammoth Drawing for kids

2 . Outline the corpus:Mammoth drawing step by step.

3 . Add legs:

How to draw Mammoth

4 . Draw the head

Mammoth Pictures.

But the third Mammoth is йuite unlike the previous – I think a different breed, it is very woolly!

How to draw a Mammoth

How to draw a Mammoth -Lesson 3

Drawing Mammoth lesson

Mammoth Drawing tutorial

How to draw a Mammoth

Drawing Mammoth step by step

And now decorate the mammoth – long hair all over the body and then it will successfully survive the ice age.

I hope you enjoyed these three lessons of drawing mammoths.

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