How to draw a Chinchilla tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Chinchilla. Chinchilla is a small rodent that lives in the mountains of South America. They have excellent quality thick and beautiful fur, which led to the fact that chinchillas were ruthlessly exterminated. Now the chinchilla is listed in the Red Book.These animals are bred on farms and as Pets.

I’ve seen living chinchillas at the Pet store. They are so small! If to do a coat, then it would probably take a some hundred skins. No. We do not need such luxurious fur coats.

We will better learn how to draw a chinchilla.

Chinchilla – side view

Chinchilla pencil sketch

As the thick fur hides the contours of the body, the picture will be very generalized. The trunk is approximately oval.

Chinchilla drawing step by step

Legs are bent and pressed under the abdomen,so only the fingers with claws are visible.

Chinchilla step by step

The tail is long, the head is really big.

Chinchilla- 13

Chinchillas are nocturnal animals, so they have very large ears, huge eyes and developed vibrissae antenna.

Chinchilla drawing

Draw the shadows, and the portrait of a chinchilla will be ready.

Chinchilla drawing 13

It was our first lesson how to draw a chinchilla.

Chinchilla – front view

Pencil sketch:

Chinchilla pencil outline

Oval body:

Chinchilla drawing lesson

Fluffy tail is visible well. But pursed beneath the body’s feet are visible in fragments only.

Chinchilla drawing tutorial

Muzzle of triangular shape with spreading ears.Large eyes set wide apart, look at that nose bridge!

Chinchilla head drawing

And here is a picture of a chinchilla’s front view:

Chinchilla line picture

Let’s not paint, and just add the shadows.

Chinchilla drawing step by step

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