How to draw a Bat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Bat.

There is a huge variety of bats and their relatives. We do not aim to consider all the details,so we will learn to draw a generalized image of a bat. Bats are mammals, but their lifestyle and appearance is reminiscent of night birds.


Bat drawing – lesson 1

First, draw a sketch:

Bat pencil sketch

The trunk is not very large, but compact, like most birds.

Bat drawing lesson

At once it becomes clear that bat have to hunt on the fly. forelimbs adapted for flight, are very well developed. Look what huge sizes reach fingers!

Hind legs should be, if you think about it, playing the same role that the legs of the birds. In fact, a bat can hang upside down clinging to a branch by the hind legs. A bat cannot walk or jump on the ground just crawling awkwardly. Her tail is long and thin.

Bat drawing step by step

Between the fingers of the bat, the flying webs are stretched. The membranes are stretched not only between the toes of the forelegs, they are connected to the “legs” and the trunk, and the “legs” are connected to the tail.

Bat step by step drawing lesson

The head is relatively large, but not elongated, but rather round, the muzzle is dull (the nose is not elongated, but rather flattened like a pug). The ears are really huge -two radars on the head. The neck is not expressed.

Ифе дшту зшсегкуBat line pictureSince bats hunt at night, I did not paint our picture diligently, but turned into a negative.

Flying Bat picture

Bat drawing lesson 2

This bat is also flying towards the viewer.

Bat colored drawing

  1. Pencil sketch:
  2. Bat pencil outline
  3. You already know in what order to draw further.
  4. Bat drawing step by step
  5. Bat drawing lesson 2
  6. How to draw a Bat

And here is the outline of a bat:

Bat outline

How to draw a bat – side view

Bat drawing

Reminds … the umbrella in flight.

Well, draw step by step.

Bat pencil sketch

Bat skeleton diagram

Bat drawing lesson -side view

And here is the full picture of a bat:

 Bat drawing -side view

Add the shadows and the drawing “bat” will get the volume.

Bat drawing -side view

Well, now you know how to draw a realistic bat.

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