How to draw a cheetah step by step

Today’s lesson adds to the series-“Wild African animals drawing”.

Let`s learn how to draw a cheetah.

The Cheetah is aцw large dayactive cat from Africa, known for their ability to develop a high speed in the animal Kingdom. It is not harmful to people, moreover, sometimes they tamed these animals and used them as hounds on the hunt. The image of the Cheetah is very unusual. You will see that when learning a tutorialhow to draw a Cheetah. Cheetah pencil drawing

Cheetah corporal is really similar to the Greyhound, with long legs and a tiny head. Draw the back line and notice the high croup.

Cheetah drawing

Its body looks rangy, muscled with no slightest hint of the fat. Every part of its body fits to the high speeds in which it pursues its prey. Its chest is wide with big and strong lungs. The torso is elongated, if to compare with lion`s torso, for example.

Step by step Cheetah drawing

Draw the front legs:

Cheetah phased drawing

Rear legs look bit longer than front legs, and slightly curved:

Cheetah drawing 13

The paws are big and wide. Cheetah, like a dog, is not able to retract the claws. The stomach is visibly drawn in, that adds slenderness to animal`s image. The head of a Cheetah looks surprisingly small. The muzzle is triangular with rounded ears. From the inner corners of the eyes to the chin there are two dark curved bands. And above the eyebrowswe see two dark spotsall this gives the muzzle of a Cheetah comically sad expression:

Cheetah head drawing

Depending on lighting conditions, cheetah`s coloring may look from white with brown spots to ginger with black spots.

Cheetah colored drawing

I hope that now you have learned well how to draw a walking Cheetah.

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