How to draw a realistic echidna animal

How to draw a realistic echidna animal. I want to say, we will learn to draw not a cartoon character, but the Australian animal echidna.

Echidna is a kind of egg-laying mammals belonging to echidna family. There is also proehidna, but outwardly it is very similar to echidna.

I must say,it’s also very similar to the tenrec and the hedgehog.

Let’s start from the sketch, of course.

Echidna pencil sketch

Hmm. Bun with legs. The body is almost spherical:

Echidna animal drawing

Paws are short thick and are provided with long, powerful claws. Notice how amazingly these claws are turned and bent.

Echidna drawing lesson

The head is large and also round. It has small eyes and a… beak!

Echidna outline

Body is covered with thick hair and long, strong spines:

Echidna animal drawing

Now let’s color our line drawing Echidna:

Echidna colored drawing

Echidna drawing lesson 2

First, draw the most general pencil sketch:

Echidna drawing lesson

And then I advise you to further detail our rough draft:

Echidna pencil outline

Now our future drawing is clear and you can bravely proceed. Drawing the contour of the body immediately show the presence of spines:

Echidna body line drawing

Now draw a long-nosed muzzle resembling an anteater.

Spiny anteater drawing

Draw extremely clawed legs:

Echidna step by step

The claws on its hind legs like a huge daggers and oddly not rotated forward and backward.

Echidna line drawing

The picture is ready, but I suggest you also to draw spines all over the back:

Echidna drawing

Let`s paint our picture:

Echidna colored picture.

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