How to draw a red panda tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a red panda. Today we will learn to draw exactly that animal in whose honor my favorite browser is named – Firefox.Scientists attributed this animal to raccoons and bears and canines, but for now it is believed that pandas are pandas, and not someone’s relatives.

The red panda is a pretty animal and it will be a pleasure to draw it. Nevertheless, we begin to draw not with a pretty face, but with a general scheme.

 How to draw a Red panda

Now this general scheme can be clarified and refined.

Red panda pencil sketch

Examine whether the pencil drawing turned out similar to what we need?

That’s good. Now we will draw step by step.

Of course, it is necessary to begin with the largest part. And, it would seem, it should be a body. However, to be honest, the tail looks much larger. And we will draw them at the same time.

Red panda drawing step by step

Add the hind legs.

 Red panda drawing tutorial

Draw the front legs:

Red panda drawing 3

And so we got to a pretty face with wide sideburns and large triangular ears. In general, the face of a red panda really resembles a raccoon.

panda generalised outlineRed

The overall outline drawing is already completed. And now we give the animal characteristic features. For example, a luxurious tail is decorated with stripes.  Red panda drawing Fur of a red panda is of red or nut color from on top, the sides are dark, reddish brown or black. The hair on the back has yellow tips. The paws are glossy black, the tail is orange, with hardly noticeable lighter narrow rings, the head is light, with the edges of the ears and the muzzle almost white, and near the eyes there is a mask-like pattern: Red panda colored drawing So, we learned how to draw a red panda.

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