How to draw a Dingo Dog tutorial

This is a lesson from the series “How to Draw Australian Animals”

They say there are practically no predators in Australia. And then they easily supplement: except for crocodiles, sharks, some marsupials and DINGO.

Dingoes are not really local animals, they were introduced a long time ago and took root very well.

Of course, I drew these wild dogs from photographs on the Internet. I chose pictures where dingoes are depicted in simple poses – standing or walking.

Standing Dingo drawing lesson

Before we start drawing, we must certainly draw up a diagram. It makes no sense to start drawing a leg or a body without a general plan.

Dingo drawing lesson

Are we going to start drawing now? Yes, perhaps we can start, but I myself will draw in more detail with a pencil.

Dingo dog pencil sketchNow everything is clear and it will be easy for us to draw Dingo step by step.

Step 1 – body. The belly of this dingo is pulled in, the dog is extremely lean.

Dingo body drawing

Step 2 -slender hind legs and a medium-sized hanging tail.

How to draw dingo

Step 3 – the front legs are even more slender!

Dingo dog drawing tutorial

Step 4 – but the head is large, the ears are large, and the eyes are too, the muzzle is long – a typical wolf-dog portrait.

Dingo-dog outline

Step 6 –dingoes have a camouflage yellow-beige color.

Dingo colored drawing

Walking dingo drawing lesson

In this picture, the dingo is walking and its head is turned in the opposite direction, so it will be useful to learn how to draw such a dingo too.

Walking Dingo drawing

But the sequence of steps will be exactly the same as in the first lesson.

This time the dingo’s head is turned in profile.

Walking Dingo line drawing

Let’s color the resulting line drawing:

Walking Dingo colored picture

Well, now you’ve learned how to draw a standing and walking dingo.

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